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At this point, the only therapy that I can access daily is this site, and I think that it is probably the most effective. I read the despair of others and their feelings of hopelessness and it helps me identify with mine. I am so good at masking my own pain that no one would ever know that it exists. It fools me sometimes and I try to believe that everything is just fine. It’s not. I am entering into my day 5, working later today as we are on shifts and feeling the „tingles” as I picked up my phone. I could play for a short time before I go to work, my mind says to me, and I try to disregard as I access this site. After reading and responding to you and others the tingles go away and I am stronger. I will not gamble today and I know that for a fact. I will put down my phone when I am one this post and move on to sometime more constructive than gambling and I will feel good about my decision. Thank you to everyone for being there for me. Hope that you are strong today