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How is your weekend going, Mav?
Thinking of you.
My son was bullied once in school. I approached the dad and mam of the boy in question because the teacher couldn’t handle it . That man brought his boy to my house and questioned him in front of my son . Made him face up to what he did and apologise Told him he was ashamed that any son of his would be so cowardly as to bully a school mate. The boy was in tears. I knew him . A big innocent lad, who was showing off in front of the others to try to gain their friendship. Boys are soft at the back of it all , Mav. His dad laid out conditions on return to school, I e „include ALL you friends, without ostracising anyone”. He handled it very well . My son was still very nervous going to school. He HATES conflict . He s 30 now and told me one of the guys he lives with is withholding the rent, then giving it to him in cash, refusing to pay as the others do, by online banking My son is in charge of the rent They all share bill paying. I went for a long walk with him on Thursday night. I could hear the stress in his voice and see the anxiety in his face. I told him „This little RAT is intimidating, i.e BULLYING you” . Since he hasn’t got an ounce of aggression in him, I advised him to explain to the guy that he can make arrangements to pay HIS rent directly to the land lady. In other words, refuse to deal with this wimp. Would you believe, he is not able to do that.AT 30!! I think some people will be vulnerable for life. If I met that muppet, I would whip his head off with my tongue .We all have different ways of dealing with ups and downs I can understand perfectly how you feel. My daughter was ostracized by a friend, her „best „friend, when she was nine I will never forget that Summer. If you think boys are bad for bullying I can tell you girls are a hundred times worse. „B”s with an itch!!!
The fact that your boy knows you and his mum are on his side will mean the world to him.
My son felt very uneasy that the lad who bullied him would get in trouble with his dad!
You can’t win!
Gambling won’t help of course, nor will strangling the perpetrator which any caring dad would feel like doing!
Try to hold your temper Mav.
Sometimes, we catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I found out years later that the Bully was actually jealous of my son. I started inviting him to the house (they were only about 8 or 9 ) and he really was a nice boy.
I hope and pray it all works out well. if not would you consider changing schools?