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Hi Velvet

Thanks for replying to me. My husband remains to the best of my knowledge gamble free. Our relationship is still far from perfect but we are both trying and things have returned to some resemblance of normal-for me anyway.
My husband still misses watching sports-he was advised not to until he was further along in his recovery. The aftercare family counsellor has listened to my concerns and agrees but has advised me to look at the bigger picture-I wanted him to stop gambling and he has.
I just cant seem to let go of the fear and give him my full trust again as much as I want to I feel like I would be a fool to belove he will never gamble again. I dont know if this is a self protection tool as I feel I do always need to be aware just in case he relapses.
The financial mess he created is still there. I know it will take time to clear as Im adamant he must do it himself but in the meantime Im under extra pressure to cover any unforeseens that arise and this makes me bitter.
I know I should be grateful he is not gambling but fear and anxiety are winning every time within me. Do you have any advice on how to overcome this? I know one day at a time love in the moment etc but honestly its easier said than done