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anyone document their last two bets like that before.

I remember using the words „I AM DONE.” Unfortunately I used them several times.

If you look around the site – you will see that there are 4 things you need to do to stop gambling. 1) Ban and bar yourself from places and sites where you gamble. 2) Restrict your own access to money – if possible by asking someone you trust to handle it, at least in the short – term. 3) Find ways of using any spare time you have in non-gambling activities, preferably things that will take you well away from even thinking of a bet … and 4) Get support for yourself – most would recommend Gamblers Anonymous in the first instance because the people there have been there, know how to listen and will give good, local advice – but there are other self-help groups and sites and there is counseling.

I hope you are able to sign up to this. Even when you do – as you will see from others’ posts on here it is not an easy ride – but people do come through it and live gambling free lives. You are still young and you deserve to have the life you need. I wish you well.