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I know exactly how you feel. But because it is too much of a hassle for me to always open a new account, i only kept with one online casino account, which i already closed and opt for permanent exclusion.

Previously i relapsed just like you did, but this time i installed a gambling blocking app, and changed the admin password into something that is so complicated that i myself won’t even remember. So right now if i try to browse any gambling websites, it will be blocked.

I believe you can do is ssbaby, just know that gambling is not the answer and we can’t win in the long term. After reading all the stories here, i realised many have spent 10, 20 to 30 years gambling, and have nothing to show for. It will only bring shame, disappointment and empty bank account etc.

I am only into my 3rd years of gambling, i decided that i couldn’t do this any longer, destroying my future, so i stop and took necessary steps to assist me with my plan.

Sharing my thought here helps too…