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Hi Justin, Lorr…
I think GA is an organisation that’s run by its members… it’s not associated with Gordon House, or Gamcare, but of course at some level they must know about each other, they just don’t work together.
Gambling Therapy is run by Gordon House… most of the volunteers are people who have been helped by Gordon House in the past, and it’s managed by Gordon House counsellors.
When I was setting up Gambling Therapy I did have some emails with someone from GA, but then they didn’t reply. For myself, I’m very happy if GA groups want to use this forum, and I wish they all knew about GT… but no-one’s pushing it. The problem with GT is that it’s not got funding to advertise itself – it’s more or less running on empty.
I’d be really pleased if GA started to use this forum. If they wanted I could start a GA section… ? What do you think?
Tony 🙂