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Hi there! My name is Sheri and this is the first time I have reached out for help. I’ve gambled for 10 years with this last year uncontrollably. I just read all your posts and it’s so familiar. I’m a hair stylist so my husband doesn’t know how much $ I make (or gamble). I owe friends and am behind on bills. My addiction is those damn slot shops. They are everywhere. If I have an hour break I walk to spend more than I made that day. I have canceled clients because I want to stay and try to win $ back. My emotions are over the place and My husband says I’m moody, ugh. Maybe so but this shit has given me mental breakdowns couple of times cuz I’ve lost so much. My husband thinks they were caused by my depression. If he only knew. He doesn’t trust me (I don’t blame him, guilty). He’s caught me in lies when I’m suppose to be at work but I’m out pushing stupid buttons for hours. I don’t like who I have become. Just want you to know by reading your posts/replies it gives me hope. You are an inspiration to others as you have overcome so much already. THANK YOU for posting.