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I appreciate the different words of wisdom and the insight that was posted in response to the initial post. I also want to add more details to show how much gambling can worsen a situation, similar to the saying, “When it rains, it pours.”

On top of me losing my job, edd unemployment is so “backed up” (I applied the day after I lost my job), that it’s been over two months and they still have not scheduled a phone interview to determine if I am eligible for unemployment. Keep in mind there are several people who scammed for unemployment by stealing other people’s identities and now look what happens when someone truly needs it. On top of that, I applied to several jobs since I was fired (over 40 applications submitted), got roughly about 5 or more interviews, and I wasn’t selected for any of them. In addition to this, the car I was using to doordash was stolen and wrecked, and if that wasn’t enough, my account with them was banned due to a mistake that was made when dropping off 2 orders in one drive set (a man complained to them about the first man opening the bag before I corrected the order after he had told me he was still ok with me bringig the order since the food boxes were not open). I also cannot rent through lyft to drive with them because of a mishap that gave me a past due balance of over one thousand dollars that I must pay off before I can rent again. I have not been approved for any other driving apps because apparently my driving record from the past 3 years is ok for some apps and not ok for others (such as instacart and uber eats). The only active income I have is GrubHub, which I pretty much have to have on all day just to get a few orders (very few) (because apparently not many people use it in comparison to doordash (which I can see now that I have delivered with both of them)).

All of that to say, again, when it rains it pours. I have less than 100 dollars to my name, cannot seem to find a way to get any money, and this is all combined with the fact that I screwed over thousands I had saved with this most recent relapse. Learn from my story. I am in a very rough situation and it seems as if nothing is going right financially. For those who have stayed away from gambling/betting/wagering/trading/ whatever you want to call what you know is truly gambling, continue to stay away, and for those of you who are trying to get a start on staying away, start staying away right away, because the sooner the better.