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Me again, you know, the guy who gets slated for speaking harsh instead of the softly softly time after time.
I’m not here to make enemies that was never my intention and Murrs, you know that anyway. It’s just those that feel I was being to hard on you or I was a troll, yeah whatever people. It’s my last post anyway Murrs, like admin said, this is your thread and it should remain that way.

I do read all the replies and I do still follow your journey, but you say it yourself. The only reason you are not gambling is because you have zero cash or credit. I still feel, you think you can win enough to get out of this mess and will continue to do so or die trying (figure of speech people). It’s been said before and not by just me, which makes a change, but until you give someone you trust, be that your girlfriend, or puppy guy (although you owing him cash that might not be a good idea), but someone you know and trust and give them your bank cards, so you have zero chance of trying to gamble hoping to win this cash back. Until you are at that stage, you know and I know, you will forever gamble. But only you can admit when that time is right, no one else.

I ain’t a bad guy, I never was and if anyone knew what my life is currently like, I can guarantee you’d all take back what you think of me. I was lucky, wow lucky, yeah right but ok, I had a 41 yr addiction and for 40 yrs & 364 days I said, no I did not have an addiction. Murrs, you know you have that addiction and you know until you hand over your finances for a long period of time maybe for years, you will always be that risk again and it will not matter if you go 2 yrs clean again, that temptation will ALWAYS be there. You’ve just got to admit that Murrs and money do NOT go hand in hand and should NEVER again go together. That’s how you beat this my friend.

Murrs, this is it man. I wish you all the love in the world fella & I wish you all the luck in the world in getting your life back and for good. Put a line under today and when you wake up the next day, start to live your life again but only if you do what you gotta do.

Stay Safe Murrs & anyone else who reads this thread. You all have big hearts ♥️

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