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No, Steev,
The 12th is not an anniversary.
On the 12th of every month, I make an electronic payment to a Savings Account that is out of reach.
In March 2015, I was cleared out financially of a large sum of money in the space of 48 hours. I was mentally, physically and emotionally in shock. Devastated, in fact.
A member on GT recommended that I would make a “Plan” to restore my loss and prevent myself from slipping into despair.
The Plan involved opening an online account and transferring a monthly sum on a certain date (12th) to restore that loss.
It worked well. I will continue building on that plan.
It brings balance into my life.
As I continue to repay my huge debt (which has reduced from six to for figures) I can look at the “plan” building up. The scales are almost balanced.
Money is not my God but I need to see the fruit of my labours in financial as well as other areas of my life.
Thanks for posting to my thread.
I hope you still have a roof over your head. It’s very stormy.