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Dear (((Bettie)))! Now that you mention it, I seem to recall your brother getting called back to work but I didn’t know he had sprained his ankle badly. To be laid off because the person didn’t attend the company Halloween party sounds rather bizarre. I’m sure in the US economy these days employers can do what they want, without fear of consequence to themselves. Your niece seems to be controlling the show, but that is part of her disorder(s). You and I both know that your brother is enabling her disorders. And as with gambling, a change in geography doesn’t allow us to outrun our illness. Honestly when my granddaughter was at the height of her mental illness, when she didn’t want to kill herself, but had constant thoughts telling her she should, I had to come to an acceptance that we could get her mental health help but that ultimately it was going to be up to her if she did kill herself. I had to come to a point where I had to let her go in my mind and if she did kill herself, I would deal with that at the time. Of course my daughter did put in safeguards such as not letting her babysit her younger sisters, and getting a babysitter to come instead. My daughter’s fear was that in my granddaughter’s diseased mind, that she could kill herself and her little sisters. With the confidentiality laws, your brother can’t even go talk to your niece’s therapists without her consent, and her disorders involve maintaining a lot of secrecy. If your niece continued to get treatment where she lives, she could have follow-up and support right where she is. Things must be tough in your sister’s household financially with your brother-in-law not working, and not getting disability benefits. In order to get disability benefits in Canada, a person must not be able to manage any kind of employment, even if it isn’t in their trained field. If you can answer a phone, they expect you to get that kind of a job. I hope your brother-in-law gets that sorted out soon. How is your daughter doing?? Carole