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I hear and am listening to the truth in what you are writing. I must do more to put this desire in a position to have no sway when opportunity arises.
I looked up GA again.I truthfully, do not think I will ever go.
Today is a good day. I did not gamble, I had urges yesterday and I put them away. I have plans for my time, my money and my thoughts are directed to constructive things.

I am forgiven, I am not condemned. Through God’ss mercy and grace, I am free. Seeking my higher power daily to do for me what I have been unable to do for myself. One day at a time, with a plan, looking forward to make sure I am guarded and ready. I know my history, my cycle, and must be ready
Some talk about smoking, my sweet girl Sad, thank you for posting what myself needed to read. It is a nasty addiction for sure. Like all addictions, there are none that are completey harmless to others. Because we love our families and they love us, our addictions cause harm to them.
I try to minimize the effect, I smoke outside, but it’s true I am harming others by harming myself. Like alcoholism, drugs, overeating, ignoring the fat content or overprocessing in food, like gambling compulsions, elicit affairs, gossiping, foul language, pornography addictions, there are always consequences to addictions outside of ourselves. I have a lot of work to do, I have a lot of grace poured over my life.
Feeling free today of condemnation and I am thankful for mercy.