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Matter of a fact is a normal person would not even gamble a dollar. And the normal people who would gamble do this once a year. Then u can win. But if u gamble for a year two three or more you are nothing but a problem gambler. U have to know this is an addictive thing. We are all different people with different personalities and different jobs. But the addiction, the feelings and the things we go through are all the same. People who know I won that kind of money. They don’t understand why I didn’t withdraw. Because I still got goals in my life. I want to start my own business. I still do. It would be a lot easier if I had that kind of money but I don’t.

Accept the fact u will never even win. Gambling is a big fat lie. Tell yourself u are not a gambler every single day and that you don’t know how to gamble. If i knew everything I know now. I would just pay someone the money I owe in debts just not to have that feeling of being worthless, desperate, stressful and hurt. Not only for myself but also for the people close to me. 

This addiction can drive u to madness and u can lose everything in your life and even take your own life. It can make u suicidal. Only thing we can do now accept the fact. The damage has been done and u can’t turn back the time. That time and your money is gone. Don’t get in the same circle again. U will selfdestruct your life. It just isn’t worth it. Life can be great appriciate the small things in life that you still owe. Set new goals and crush them all.

Wishing you guys the best!