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Haha, this is reminiscent of your very first post on this thread!!!
Kind of like, I open my mouth to speak…….and nothing comes out!  (you can bet that doesn’t happen often with me!!! LOL)
Sorry, I seem to have the computer gremlins on this site this week Grrrr!
Anyway… I was posting to say, YAY sounds like you had a fab weekend with your man in sydney – and gamble-free!
Go-Girl! You show such determination in your posts Kathryn, and I have no doubt as to how you inspire others. A wise old friend recently said to me, when we were talking about life stuff, achievements and ‘progress’, that "..if it wasnt hard work  – then it probably wasn’t worth it". It seemed like a simple no-brainer comment to me until i thought about it a bit more. It relates pretty well to recovery for all of us (RCGs and F&F too). Achievement doesnt come without some commitment to hard work, and you’re putting in the work!
I just found out I’m off to Sydney next month too! My beautiful best friend has just shouted me a trip, just the two of us (NO KIDS!) for 5 days. I lived there for a few years, infact it was where i met my CG, so it’ll be a trip down memory lane. I cant wait!
Hope you’re recovering from your house full of guests!
Much love and light