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Hi Sas
Good thing you have come here, it shows that you are wanting help.  The good news is a gamble free life is possible, i think we just have to learn it.. there are things you can put in place to help yourself.. Dont carry much money on you, dont carry credit cards, ban from places where you can.  Go to GA if one near you, read on this site and post on a regular basis. Think of only doing things one day at a time.. just for today dont gamble.  You can get through even if its hour by hour. When an urge to gamble strikes start doing something else, urges will eventually pass.. no matter how strong they feel.  There are lots of us here who are non judgemental, how can we judge?  we are all in the same boat and were where you are now.. the good thing is there is hope, it can be done, there are people who are years gamble free now.  Keep coming here, maybe talk to someone on the one on one line, and join group chats. 
Keep coming back
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