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Really hard day at work today. I was the only nurse in the office today. I work in home care and it can be quite stressful. It was great to be busy and not have time to think about bills and debt.
Just doing the work.
Tomorrow will be the same as the other nurse is off all week.
I plan to attend a parade tomorrow. It is homecoming for my son’s highschool. He was elected to be the emcee for the homecoming court. He will also be in the parade, riding in the lead car and waving at the crowd. Then he will announce all the floats and the homecoming court. So proud of him.

I want to keep my days full so that time will pass and I can figure out what life is like without my “crutch” (thank you Vera). I realize you are so right. I am grieving. I am imagining my addiction as a relationship……It’s like a close relative that I could never get to really love me is gone.
I am so sad that I never will have a chance again. But I am so happy to be free from trying. I won plenty of times, but my crazy brain was never satisfied anyway.
Time to move on with the real purpose in my life.
Just have to pray God shows me what that is.