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Thank you very much for your message. I read the article and it’s very interesting. The comparison with feeling anger is brilliant. One is simply angry, one doesn’t rationalize it.
nWell, this week I’ll try to post daily. It will be a challenging week for some reasons. Tomorrow I’ll get paid, I’m in the capital without my parents and with people I gambled with. Therefore the probability of relapsing is higher.
nToday the day was great, I like it so much to be at work, I don’t think about gambling (neither about the devastation it brought to my life nor about going to the casino). I’ll have challenging weeks ahead workwise, with tests etc, so I really have to be focused.
nToday I started writing down where I spend money. I started the excel sheet many times in the past, but some days later as I would spend a lot gambling I would just give up. This time it will be different. I know I’ll be surprised by the money I spend in cigarettes, but well, that might help me reduce smoking.
nAs Manson’s article states, it’s important to have high standards and a “mile long” to do list, so I’ll really focus on getting some stuff done instead of just laying in bed. Of course I will have to study quite a bit for work, but I also want to read at least one chapter a day and do an Assimil lesson of the language I’m learning! 1,00^365=1,00 but 1,01^365=37,8 !!