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Thanks for your post P, always good to see you around, Vera thankyou for your posts, support and helpful words, I have to be quick as on a small break from work, well at this point in time life is well and truly s**t, my boy is mess not sleeping at night and then over tired in the day and with that stroppy and moody……unhappy in short, I am trying to get it all out of him but think it all stems from this one bully I am not really sure as he wont open up to me, I will try again tonight, life is a mess my boys unhappy as no sleep and misserable in the day, the wifes at breaking point, my little girl waking up at night wondering why her brother is crying then she gets upset, i am knackered from no sleep and working my socks off……..I am slowly losing the plot with life and in truth have had enough…………never thought I would say it but I am 9 days gamble free and life is s**t.

Thanks for listening


P.s – I know I couldnt deal with all this if I were gambling.