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      I found this great forum 5 years ago. My fiance was a cg (and still is) I desperately needed guidance as couldn’t tell my friends or family. Well it helped, I took full control of his money, he had no cards only pocket money and I dealt with the mortgage and all bills. We got married and have 2 beautiful boys. There has been blips along the way, some major and some minor. It’s been exhausting and frustrating. I still love him and when he’s not gambling we share a wonderful family life.
      I found this forum again as feel unable to cope anymore. I’ve just spent 3 weeks in hospital with our one year old while he fights pneumonia, we came home yesterday, he’s much better but isn’t mobile. I’m so upset with myself as wasn’t vigilant with our money. I awoke with husband saying he lost “some” money.
      He lost £400 which was in my bank for direct debits that should go out tomorrow and our boys Christmas present money. I can’t explain the pain I’m feeling of just getting out of hospital after being separated from our eldest son while my youngest has been terribly ill and now I don’t have enough money to feed them.
      Naturally he is very sorry. But I’ve begun to hate him. We borrowed lots of money while in hospital and I’m too ashamed to tell my parents about his addiction. I’ve borrowed money off hid parents but only enough for basic food so all the direct debits will bounce and I will have incurred several other charges.
      He has promised this time he will get proper help, he has been having cognitive behaviour therapy.
      I am about to pack my bags and go to my mum’s 2 hours away. But my children need their home environment and I am scared to make the wrong decision.

Melihat 0 pertalian (thread) balasan
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