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You’re doing great, but from the outside looking in you appear to be overdoing it.

You are taking a lot on both mentally and physically. You are taking the burden of what you’ve done all on your own shoulders, you are trying to get back all that you have lost at pace, you are working all the hours god sends, all this with a health concern.

It might pay for you to pace yourself a little better. Sometimes when you make what you’re trying to achieve a hardship and a struggle so much so that it becomes a laborious chore you stand the risk of falling short. It’s a bit like a marathon runner trying to sprint his way around a marathon course, he’ll never get to the finish. Whereas the guy who paces himself and plots his way around the course will get to the finish comfortably.

Just a few words of caution, we all sometimes need gentle reminders to step back a little.

Anyway, take care.