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Hi All –
I’m back to civilisation – Trying to get used to the new GTsite, it will take some time, I’m sure.
Thanks to Larry, Vera and Bettie for your posts.
I had 5 weeks off work with my husband being off work as well. That was scary as our jobs both finished the same day in Oct. and the future was a big question mark. We got busy with the home renovations, did some more painting, and put new floors down in the kitchen and dining room, and they do look nice, it is starting to look like a home at last.
My husband and I were offered new jobs and started them on the same day two weeks ago. Mine involves 13.5 hours of work 4 days a week, so not a lot of spare time to catch up on everyone else’s threads, sorry. The job is temporary and could end at any time, but I am fine with that.
I still shudder when I think of gambling and all I lost and could have lost, but I am moving on.
Enjoying life and trying not to let the cold weather get me down, it is so hard to be stuck indoors.
My Dad is getting close to being placed in a facility where he can be cared for as my Mom is getting so exhausted.
We had a scare a couple of weeks ago when he wandered outside and got lost 2 houses away. When he tried to get into the neighbors house they brought him home – it was 2 AM and thank God the weather was mild then, and he ended up where someone knew him. Mom had some locks changed so he cannot escape again.
I am going to a Christmas party close to town this weekend which will involve a stay at a nice 5 star resort, looking forward to that, meeting some new people from my husband’s new job, and just escaping from the daily chores.
Looking forward to Christmas at my sister’s house and a visit with the grandkids at Christmas time.
Setting some personal goals, trying for more patience and positivity. So good to see so many of the old gang still here and welcome to all the newer people on the site. I will post some more when time permits….