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If you added in the repeat cycle of registering on online casinos and putting in withdrawl information, providing i.d. and copies of this and that, like you were actually ever going to cash out anything at all, you would be me. I hate most things about casinos. Theres no smoking here, but the place is filled with desperate looking people. Some are elderly some look like vagrants. Smacking the buttons, the screen, yelling in anger and frustration, like it would ever do any good to confront the machine. The defeated people walking to their cars. Waiting for the bus. Never do you think that that will be you in a few hours. It is a sad reality that that will be you, and you will have that ride of shame. And you will forget all of it in a few short days or weeks as you think about the shiny casino and all the flashing lights. I am doing the same thing this week. I havent gambled for 3 weeks and havent been to a casino o for months. I have free play for my birthday….. I am fighting with myself over the free play. It’s free money. If I only take that and a little cash and no bank cards…..its the struggle to see if I can do it and try to control my urges knowing I am a cg. The casinos aren’t my big issue. Its online that is and I am trying g to justify going. Hope you are well and that the poison from these places doesnt get to you anymore.