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 I always knew that I am not alone .maybe 20 years ago I read a book wrote by Feodor Dastayoski :The Gambler, Dastayoski get divorce and after that he start gambelling and in a few years he was in huge debt and he made a conntract to write a novel to oay off his debt ,and he had to write this novel on 26 days,some intresting thing about Dastayoski is that he used to dictate every word of his Novels ,any way  a beayriful young maybe 18 or 19 years old russian girl typing his novel and he write The Gambler in that 26 days ,he get married with that girl as well with a huge diffrente age

    A few weeks after reading this book ,I wacthed a Russian movie and the story was on base of that 26 days of life of dastayoski ,the period of time, he wrote The Gambler and the name of movie was

    26 Days of dastayoski’s life

    Dastayoski is a genius and I love russian litrature and russian cinemas they have a great cinema

    and it was an amausing film ,yesterday i wrote on myfacebook that the feeling which i had whne i was wacting that movie  and the fantesy which came to my mind after wacthing that movie and reading again and again that novel The Gambler,made my present time .loooool

    looks crazy but in some point it is really true and I am happy now I knew that with the help which i will get and i am already getting by knowing this site I will put an end in this gambeling problem but I approtiate my experince to ,the experince which tought me how can i live with nothing for weeks ,how can i need just essential for living .and how strong i could be