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Today, I am at my Daughter’s apartment, spending some time with my Grandson before he leaves for Hawaii. We are having dinner with his Dad’s family this evening. I went by my condo to check on everything and to pick up any straggling mail. Everything was fine. I am feeling more content and peaceful these days. When I go home tomorrow, my Mom and I are going to celebrate our birthdays by going out for dinner. I am going to get those 10 boxes unpacked and work on the yard (raking and pulling weeds). I will be able to stay in one place for 17 days while my Grandson is gone. My Mom, Daughter, and I are going out for Xmas dinner as it seems silly to cook for just 3 of us. Disappointment-no signs of the meteor showers. I think I need a telescope. My Daughter has a meeting at a bank with her ex-business partner and the investor who is buying her out. One of the lawyers who work for the company she works for is going with her to review the documents before she signs anything. I hope that this meeting isn’t called off as this woman seems to be stringing my Daughter along. I am praying that everything goes well and she can walk away with part of her investment money and no ties to the business. There is a lot of chaos going on with my Sister’s oldest son. Without going into details, he is in jail again. I feel really bad but since my Sister hasn’t talked to me since my Husband’s death, I can’t reach out to her. Anyways, she has this son on a pedestal and doesn’t want to believe he has done anything wrong. I have been hearing from other family members that he is a train wreck waiting to happen and I think that everything came crashing down yesterday for him. Denial is a strong emotion. I know, as I was in denial for a long time about my gambling problems. We all are in charge of our issues and we have to decide that we have to change. I am not saying that other’s support is essential but in the end, you that have to take the steps and challenges to change as no one can do it for you. I have the utmost respect for people who have done this. Many of you don’t know but my oldest Daughter is a drug addict. She has made many attempts to be clean and has been for periods of time and has relapsed. When my Husband was told that he was dying she went into rehab for 1 month and came out and went to outpatient treatment for 6 months while she worked and took care of her son and my Grandson. She was able to spend a lot of time with my Husband, her step-father since she was 5 years old. She was with us when he died. I believe that out of his illness something good came, her wanting to fight and work to be clean. We are working rebuilding our relationship and it has been the best its been in years. My Grandson told us recently that he is so happy that we are getting along so well together now. That makes me feel so good!!!!