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Velvet, thank you for you post. I have come a long way in the last six months and that is down to you and GT for helping me find my way.

Michelle, its good to hear from a new perspective and you are right, learning about addiction makes you stonger and able to deal with it.

I havent seen CG for almost 2 weeks now and my how the tables have turned! After CG threatening to block me off all forms of messaging/social media and then not following through on it, the message seems to be getting through. I am done with the gambling game.

He went on a 3 day drink/gambling bender and when he reaslised that i didnt care (obviously i do, but he cant see that) the behaviour started to change.

He is currently abstaining from drinking/gambling (so I am told) which isnt hard when you blow all your money in one go. Today is his payday so we will see how strong his actions are there. It is also his little boys birthday at the weekend. Which is what I am finding toughest to deal with. For that little boy, nothing has changed and I dont want him to think that I have just disappeared from his life or i dont care about his birthday. None of that is his fault. I have debated posting his present (which i bought weeks ago) to CG but i just feel like im inviting gambling back towards me. I have no interest in that, my only thought is for that little boy not to feel like i dont care.

Apart from that I’m strong. CG is being a lot more “present” than he has been in months. I think he knows that I am serious this time. I just have to remember it is his addiction seeking enablement, not him seeking me.

Its not easy, but i do not miss gambling and its effects one jot!