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      Hi Everyone,
      My name is David and I am a compulsive gambler.  I have two days of recovery racked up which does not seem like much, yet here I am talking with you all instead of sitting in front of a slot machine hoping for something to change my life.   Well, it usually does change my life, one way or another.   Usually, the OTHER.  I am a father of nine wonderful children and I have been married for 22 years.  Help me stop hurting the ones I love, including myself.

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      Hi David and welcome to GT.  Every day we don’t gamble is important and two days is an additional day away from destruction. Great job!  There will be a ‘welcome’ coming from GT with links that will help.  My suggestion would be to spend as much time as possible reading and posting just to keep yourself away from the slot machines.  Do you have any blocks in place like handing all financial matters to your wife?  I cut up my debit card, limited all access to cash and stopped check writing privileges at the casinos within 150 miles.  It’s hard to do at first because I didn’t really want to stop gambling…I just wanted to stop the losses but now I know I want a life without gambling…that took a couple of years before I made that choice.  I’m a slow learner. I’ve been to Montana a couple of *****. It’s a beautiful State but it does have a lot of gambling venues. Not sure how their self-banning works but you might want to check into that too.  You’ve taken a big first step to a better life. Nice to meet you.  Sherry

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      Hi David thanks for the post and welcome to GT i wish you every success with your bet free future a day at a time. Sherry has gave you great advice blocks are so important. take care

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      One day at a time is the best way to approach it 🙂 I agree with the blockers in place…it will act like a security cushion. A lifejacket 🙂
      I’m happy you have 9 healthy children, though that must be overwhelming at ***** too. Don’t hesitate to find someone to talk with about all of this. It’s always complicated why we get into gambling, so it’s complicated coming out of it too 🙂
      I’m on Day 2 myself, so I’m a newbie too…happy to be here though. Already I feel better just reading and sharing posts. Not one person can save the world, but we can help the people who cross our paths.

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      Hi David, welcome to GT. Nice to see you have found the forum and already using it, it will be a great tool for you to use, especially in looking back at progress made. Keep an eye on sessions ***** under ‘whats on & when’ right side of homepage. Im sure we will chat there soon, until then stay strong. Cathie

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      I said I would look into info for your area David, check sites below, you will receive welcome from GT with advise/links for further info but in the meantime… Montana Council on Problem Gambling – United States, Web: http:/?/?www.?mtcpgambling.?com, Rimrock Foundation for gambling addiction – Montana – United States, Web: http:/?/?www.?rimrock.?org/?treat/?gambling.?shtml, Cathie

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