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      today is a new start for me
      i will not gamble today
      i will not gamble today
      i will not gamble today

      this is for my wife, myself and we just found out that my wife is having a baby
      i will not gamble today
      i have closed all my online accounts and will never open another
      today is a great day to start the new me
      we can all do this
      one day at a time

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      Thank you God for another gambling free day

      Thanks very much

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      Your gratitude, humility and willingness to change and grow are an inspiration!

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      Thanks vera,,,, im doing it first of all to my baby,,, next to my wife who always supports me and always there when im in the dark world of gambling,,, and to myself,,, i always say to myself its not yet over,,, i can still be the person i want to be ,,, a better person than yesterday,,, one day at a time,,, and and also i would like to thank God for his blessing without his blessings and guidance and strength he has given me everyday thank you God!!!!

      We can all get through this one day at a time,,, God bless to all of us who do our best to recover and be the person we always dreamed of

      Be strong always and thanks for your message of support,,, really appreciate your message vera

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      Thank you God for another gambling free day

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      Thank you God for another gambling free day

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      I can feel the strength and passion you have IAWTCAG ! Keep working at it One day at a time, your doing well.

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      Hi Iamwilling
      I have been drawn by your username.   In our Friends and Family forum it is a hard message that the CG has to be willing to change and those who love the CG can only hope that maybe, just maybe…….  
      I know you can be the person you want to be because I have seen others who desired the same, fought their demons, found themselves, controlled their addiction and changed their lives.   You have to do it for yourself first and because of that determination you will do it for your child and your wife.
      I haven’t had much time recently to pop over from F&F but I am glad that I did because your positive post is uplifting.
      If your wife wants to talk to those who will understand her and not judge, she is welcome in F&F.   
      I hope you kept your daily affirmation going – one day a time means a gamble-free life for your child and family as well as you.  Your thread is a pleasure to read

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      ***** uncontrolled and velvet

      Thanks very much for your messages

      Im really happy i can bring positiveness to both you and to others

      Iam really determined to change and change my life my motivation comes from having a baby ,,, i dont want my child to know that iam a gambler who before have a dark outlook in life ,,, i would like to be the person i want to be,,, and youre right velvel it ***** to start with me so i can influence the change to my wife and child,,, really really trying my best to chest,,, there are still urges but i always tell myself that it will pass,,, it will pass,, iam really happy with my progression and every day i dont gamble i reward myself like playing ps3 or buying ice cream to make myself work harder and harder and give myself more rewards like buying new shoes for basketball or buy a new jacket,, and the best reward for me is giving my wife and kid to be the best husband father and a better person overall,,, next time i reward myself im thinking surprising my wife with dinner or something

      Thanks for reading
      Hope we can all beat this

      And another thing

      Thank you God for another gambling free day !!!

      God bless to all!!!
      One day at a time

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      Thank you God for another gambling free day

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      Thank you God for another gambling free day

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      Haven’t seen any post from you for nearly a week, IAM!
      ‘hope everything is ok. Let us know when you are ready please!

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