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Thinking and talking about the things I do in the past in a way glorified my wrongdoings
I cannot afford the consequences of returning back to my gambling and drinking way of life
Looking back and reliving them in my memories can put me at risk of a relapse

Repentance before it is too late has help save me in these situations.
I realize I am heading in the wrong direction so I stop and make a U-turn back in the opposite direction.

Today is the 25th of May, I am clean and sober this month. There is another 6 more days to go – one bad day or relapse will wipeout all the effort completely and turn this month into a nightmare, it will be very painful, frustrating and discouraging. This is the reality of my recovery, every single day clean and sober matters in the end!

  • この返信は1ヶ月、 3週前にkinが編集しました。
  • この返信は1ヶ月、 3週前にkinが編集しました。
  • この返信は1ヶ月、 3週前にkinが編集しました。