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I can’t give him the praise he wants for his achievements. Its been 55 days since his last gamble. It was so debating and destructive to our relationship.

He wants me to praise him and say “I know you can do this”… ” you are doing so well”…. etc

But all I can think is this is only a drop in the ocean a lifetime. And I don’t know that he can do it. I feel very selfish for writing this but it’s honestly how I feel.

He certainly hasn’t thanked me for doing everything at home during his 90 meetings in 90 days. Its hard work with 2 young boys, working 4 days a week and recovering myself from surgery.

My feelings are just all over the shop.

The good newsnos he is committed to doing his rehab of 90/90 and I am proud of that but I know it’s not a long term sustainable strategy.