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IDI why don’t you just get a big standard phone, without internet access?

You posted on another thread recently, that it would do no harm to have some barriers in place, “just in case”. Maybe it’s time you excluded from the gambling sites.

I agree 100% with Vera, about barriers. It dosnt matter what barriers are in place if we want to gamble, we’ll climb those barriers.

I also agree, that after gambling again, after long spells of abstainance I’ve thought that it was my lot in life I was doomed, I was beyond help, a hopeless case. Different to everybody else, there’s nobody as f*****ed up as me. Of course all a load of cobblers.

Why do you still have access to money? Maybe now is the time to make bigger changes to reduce the chance of this happenning again, I hope you’ve got your frying pan btw!

Barriers won’t fix your gambling but they will certainly hinder it.

Take care