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RG, thank you for bringing me back to the top!!!!
6 weeks since ive been here…..time sure does fly.
I have the most pathetic excuse… I went to Thailand (more to come on that) and I had my nails done. For all you gals out there I got acrylic so that they wouldn’t break on my trip. Well, they ended up sooooooo long I couldn’t type, TRULY!!!!
Nails are now super short and I can live a normal life again. lol!!!
Thailand…..what a great trip. The weather was divine, hardly a drop of rain the whole time we were there.
My highlight was the visit to the elephants. There were 3, a baby, a 7yo and a 30yo. It was a rescue sanctuary. We got to feed them, and give the baby a bottle (so cute). I was then asked to walk one up a big hill. You hold their ear and can sort of manoeuvre them, but in truth im sure she had done it a million times so she was proboably walking me!!! It was, quite scary, such a big animal. But the best bit was that there was a pool, and we got to go in with them. We washed them with scrubbing brushes. Oh my. The mamma elephant took a shine to me and Jode, im sure she knew we were mammas too. It was a moment of true happiness for me.
I cant say I did a whole lot of shopping cause money was tight! But, Jode and I had a blast.
We are in a financial disaster zone in this house at the moment and im not sure what to do. I cant work any more than I am. Dames work is so up and down and at the moment its way down. We are struggling. I wish he would get a normal job. At least there would be money every week and I could budget. As it stands i spend all week hoping he gets enough to cover the bills and then breathe out for the weekend. Monday comes and it starts all over again.
I babysat Della on Saturday night, it was Breas bday and they went for a night in Melbourne. Cams mum had Tex. Della had a cold, shes a clingy baby anyway but oh boy i could not be out of eyesight. The granny in me LOVED every second. The mother in me needed to get stuff done! Dames was a tiny bit helpful…..ugh.
So my 10 year gamble free anniversary came and went without much fanfare. I have got my exclusion letter here. Im calling today to book an appointment to re exclude.
I imagined, 10 years down the track, living some extravagant life in my own home, not a worry in the world…..HAHHAHAH.
The dream world of a CG……some things never change.
In saying that… alive, im sane (for the most part) and im grateful for what i do have.
I am living.
Love, K xxx