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We all know WHY we gamble, Lizbeth. We are Compulsive Gamblers and that’s what CGs do. (I’m using the term for brevity ) You have done a lot to safeguard you recovery, Lizbeth. More than most, I would say. Try tackling the problem from a different angle . Do not handle money at all. When that shopkeeper buys your clothes (great that you got sale for them), ask for payment in cheque. I know it’s difficult for you on your own, but try to see it like this. YOU are working hard for your (limited) money and some FATCAT is rubbing his/her hands, laughing all the way to the bank . Easy money at the expense of vulnerable people. God forgive them, but that’s the corrupt world we live in. It is up to you and I to protect ourselves and with God’s grace, we can do that. You will survive, Lizbeth but Life is not merely about survival. Prisoners in concentration camps survive. You certainly deserve a better life. Tying up money is the ONLY way we can’t gamble. I feel for you now, Lizbeth. Any one of us could be writing the same post. Can you ban from that casino? Think of yourself as a dog chasing his tail. Total waste of time.