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I have to smile when you describe your son, San! He could be mine by the description!. “Seeing the light” every now and then! “Turning over new leaves”. Walking in and out of jobs as if he is the Managing Director. He has the charm to get the job but after about 3 weeks when that charm wears off, I think it’s more likely he may not exactly “walk out”- ( more likely gets the boot! I used to worry sick over all that carry on , but worry made no difference. I gambled to escape the worry. That made A HUGE (negative difference to ME!)…
Good to hear you will see him soon. Sounds as if you are well enough to travel so thank God for the improvement in your health. I would advice you to have some clear boundaries in place before you meet up. I’ve had so many “meetings” with my son that started off well but ended in chaos. Be prepared! Maybe set the ground rules together and in that way he will have to stick to his own terms and conditions and not blame you if things go belly up.
My son’s birthday is next month too. I have been let down so often with birthday plans that I just do the bare minimum now to protect myself from running to the casino as a result of a “no show!”!
Take care of your health. You don’t want any set backs an You seem to be doing well!