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Hi Kathryn
I wish I had a best friend to eat disgusting, delicious looking cream cakes with even Meg who is so rude to me has one to share her choccie éclairs with. My friends all do the health food bit!!
I was shocked to read that Meg is too old at ‘nearly 40’ to go nightclubbing in Sydney – I must tell the poor old thing that I can still boogie the night away and I like my vino too.
I absolutely loved Australia. 
I did go to the zoo when we were in Sydney so I assume it must have been the Taronga Zoo but it was the wombats that got my vote back then.   My favourite memory though is sitting with the pelicans on the beach at Monkey Mia waiting for the dolphins to arrive. I never thought a pelican could be such great and funny company.
Your post about your gambling was very honest and I think would have taken a lot out of you to write. I am glad that you found GT as well because it has been great getting to know you and you have added so much to the F&F forum.
I am very aware that you are soon to get the results of the DNA test. Your posts are much more positive and I believe implicitly that positive thought and acceptance are the keys to how we handle the ups and downs in our lives. I like the sound of your new normal and that you are accepting that Sasha may be part of your new normal – well done for using her name xx
Thinking about you and those mouth-watering cakes
Loads of Love
Velvet xxxx