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Hi All,
Well i am traumatised!!!  I was driving Bailey to school and a great big massive whopping furry grey spider ran across my window, my drivers window, 10cm from my face on the inside of the car!!!!  I was screaming, poor Bailey started screaming because he didnt know what i was screaming at…till he saw the beast.  I pulled over and opened my door, still screaming and told him to get out of the car.  It ran to the outside of my door and luckily for me there was a man there who came over and knocked it onto the ground, and then it ran under my car. I wanted it dead dead dead.  We couldnt see it so i got back in the car and took Bailey to school.  When i got home, i hosed all under my car and the wheels, i swear, i have never been so scared!  It was awful. I have to believe it is not there or i wont be able to drive my car.  My whole body was shaking.
Damian apologised to me last night so until next time i guess all is well.  We have never had a real conversation about money, i always had control and of course i lied to him all the time with my addiction so i think we need to have a chat in regards to talking about the finances. I need to pick my time though, i dont want it to end in an arguement.
Today is going to be 40c, and a north wind, yuck.  So i have prepared the house for the heat and will pop on the air-con later.  I will get my washing dry though, one benefit of the heat.  I am working tonight and im hoping the change will come through before then, it gets very hot in there as the residents dont like the air conditioning, they get too cold!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful gamble free day,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!