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Hi Bettie,
so glad you posted that.  Funny, I was thinking of Marilee last night.  Just  quickly wondering how she is doing and hoping all is well in her world. 
And of course I stopped by to see how things are in your world Bettie.  Sounds as though you are working things through.  I think that was a tough part for me.  Knowing that all the crappy feelings that made me want to run to gambling were still there to deal with.  But, I am learning to cope in healthier ways.  I want to have a healthy balanced mind.  Going to take some work on my part!  I am on my guard against replacing with another addiction.
Good for you Bettie on your thoughts on mr wrong.  He doesn’t deserve your friendship.  I see a smart, caring woman who deserves to be treated with respect.  Don’t settle for less Bettie.
Have fun working on that list!  That sounds like a great idea.  Then the hard part will be deciding what you are going to do.  But writing down all the possibilities must be fun.
Have a great day Bettie.  Weekend chat is nearly here 🙂