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Sat in bookies today on my dinner . I had no money at all so wasnt going to gamble although another day when I do have money it may have been different .
One lad playing on the machine with his two mates egging him on . He kept stuffing twenty pound notes in , winning a little but gradually losing . His two mates went outside but he continued on , still putting twenties in . He then hit a payout of 496 pound , but still kept on going . Twenty minutes later he had lost that and went to his wallet again .
He had a hi vis jacket on and I was thinking he would be from the nearby building works , I was thinking maybe hes rich and can afford to gamble his weeks wages ? Prob not .
I left and on my way home thought that ive done that so many times and how could I be so stupid ? Looks so crazy as it seems that nobody will ever win . I counted the tv screens , 26 that was without the machines , all blazing .
Then a bloke floating about asking continually would you like a cup of tea or coffee ? Talk about madness ! Pure madness . They should serve verve cliquot champagne with truffles !
I shouldnt have been there today and its a habit I need to quit and do something else on my break.
But at least im ok today and haven’t gambled and just need to keep at it . X