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Thanks again vera. Yes the cycle that this horrible addiction puts you in is heartbreaking to say the least.

The phrase “we can never win, because we can never stop” hits the nail on the head, and ive realised this more than ever the past few weeks. Have i had chances to walk away with minimal losses and most my money back? Yep a few times, did i? Absolutely not, despite convincing myself i would if i got to that point, it just continued and continued until everything and i mean everything and more was gone again. Crazy.

I want this to be the end of this so badly, it has already taken so much joy of life away from me. I should be in a reasonably good financial posistion now, not the complete mess im currently in.

Im going to start posting daily, updating my progress. I do not want to gamble anymore, i will not gamble. I will not let this take anymore from me than what it already has. The losses are gone, they are not going to come back from gambling more.

Day 1 i will not gamble today