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Wow Monica. I hadn’t read your post of yesterday before we chatted in group today. Transformational and soul whispering. You are an inspiration who is showing the younger generations how to heal.

I’m glad you have your GA friend to connect with. It is good to have someone to understand and support you for you. I personally don’t find the term CG offensive, it just means a person who gambles compulsively. Which I did. I think we fill the term with all sorts of associations ourselves. But for those who don’t want to call themselves CG, I always liked I have instead of I am. I have a gambling addiction. I have a problem with gambling compulsively. Instead of being a noun. I agree with IDI. As long as you are getting support from it. I was good at selectively interpreting the readings and putting a feminine perspective on it. Or looking at it from the perspective of a people pleasing passive aggressive personality instead of the seemingly macho self centered CG in the GA literature.

So I wish you a blissfully peaceful week. Of course with loads of work satisfaction. Hope the electricity is back on soon! Enjoy creating your new personal space. Try and create a restful haven for yourself.

One step at a time, one day at a time, we can create a new future. We only need make the next right choice.

Have a great evening xo