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      I am new to this forum, I am 28 years old, and like many of you here I also found out what I do is not only costing me lots of money but it also takes lots of my time and energy.
      I made some money from gambling in the past 1-2 years, I even had a crazy bet of £16,000 (around $25,000) on Barack Obama to win the US Elections … and on top of it I had lots of "successful" bets on the NBA … but when the NBA Playoffs started I found myself losing throughout a crazy record ….
      Just a few hours ago I placed a bet of £1,200 on the UNDER 179.5 points on the Knicks / Pacers game, and why?
      Because someone on another forum mentioned that "elimination games 6 & 7 from the 2nd round onwards since 03-04 have seen Unders lose at only a 27.2% rate." – well, I guess this record would be adjusted slightly up from 27.2% after this game, but does it matter? Is there any logic behind it?
      And even if there is … it’s certainly not for me, even when I won bets I easily wasted all this money … and I didn’t take a £100 or £200 bets …. each NBA for me was between £1,000 to £2,000 and even had a few £4,000 bets!!
      Luckily, I am not in debt, in fact, I have a good amount of savings behind me …. and tomorrow I should expect to receive £3,000 into my bank account, and the last thing I want to do is to waste this money in gambling!!
      I have a good job, a lovely girlfriend (she knows about my problem, yet she still wants to be with me, we’re talking about getting married soon …) and I feel like I really don’t need this gambling in my life … I tried, I really tried it …
      I never bet in Casinos because I believe it’s rigged, I only bet on events where I believe you can "predict" the outcome, trying to bet logically with disicpline but tell you what … oddsmakers can be so smart, you need to have some really good skills to beat them … and even if you "beat" them you don’t really beat them, you beat yourself … they are there to make money regardless of the outcome, and you are the one sucked into all this trying to figure out who would win, or will the game go under or over and so forth…
      What I’m describing here happened to me in the past 2 weeks, it has been a repeating pattern and I’ve blocked myself from all sites I lost (or won), self-excluded myself, but I am not sure that’s enough because new sites will always be there in the market, there is always another new site I can easily register and bet with … so I must find this will power to stop it, stop it completely … I’m glad on the one hand the NBA Playoffs are over because that was mostly the thing that took my attention … but nevertheless it could be NBA today and NFL Football tomorrow … so unless I find the will to stop it, completely …. I might risk myself going back into this ….
      So that is why I wanted to write all this down, to express what I’m going through, and to prevent a bigger fall before things really get messed up …..
      Thanks for reading.

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