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      It has been  13 days since i last had a gambling binge, it started 3 years ago after my boyfriend died of a sudden stroke at 34, 3 months prior to this my sister had a stroke , 2 months prior my grandfather passed away, after i buried my boyfriend was fired from work as i had been off while he was in intensive care. I also had the relisation when he passed he had been having several relationships with other women, and the name i knew him by was a lie he was an illegal. He had taken at least £10,000 from each woman. I had to call these women and tell them what had happened to him after his funeral. It started with slots, online after 2 years i managed to stop by just working all the time i made sure i had no free time to gamble. but six months ago i decided i was cured and took a trip to bingo this has now esculated back to online casinos after a 24 hr binge on thursday/ friday i had exculded myself from most sites but managed to find a new once spent 1 months age and went into an overdraft. decided on sat that i cannont do this anymore no matter how empty my life is slot machines cannot replace what i have lost, it,s not about the money as when iam playing what i win is errelivant as it all goes back on in the end.would spend. I have intalled gamblock now on my pc this will sto the online i just need to make sure on the days i wold go to bingo i am woking or with someone to stop me going… one day at a time,
      today i am feeling tempted all sort of things going on in my head trying to explain why i should go 1 more time, but i know there is no such thing as 1 more time, i dont feel low because i have spent up which would normally be the case. It the anniversary of my boyfiends death and i think the slot machines will stop me thinking about it, but i know it,s short lived only till the money runs out, i have to learn to live with my memories without running to a slot machine or bingo hall.
      I will try to get through each day without a relapseI will try to get through each day without a relapse

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