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      I don’t like the title the lost years. I am well aware of them. I thought about the possibility if I don’t gamble from now. Then I could have years to come that are gamble free. Maybe. Who knows. There is no guarantee to life either. I want to stop this madness. I want a healthy life. I don’t want this addiction to be part of it.
      Luna Girl

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      unfortunately we have a disease that you wouldnt wish on anyone like yourself i have slipped a lot lately but im glad 2 be 2 weeks free from it one day at a time. maybe think of getting rid of credit / debit cards and getting somebody you trust to manage your money. hope things pick up for you take care

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      Hi Luna.
      I like the title of your new thread.  Don’t forget your latest gambling though, what can you learn from it?  Where did you gamble? Is it somewhere you can get yourself excluded from?  How did you fund it?  What barriers can you put in place?
      Speaking personally I know that addiction will always be with me.  Knowing and accepting that fact means I can keep taking the steps that allow me to live gamble free.
      Keep posting

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      Don’t look for what is lacking, Luna. Look at what is allowing you to gamble!
      Free time?
      Remove those things and the house of cards will tumble. One day at a time.
      The words I write to you, are also for myself!
      Hiding behind a mask is both scary and lonely.I ve been there for years!
      Bit by bit you can reveal the real you in this safe Haven of Hope. GT is an ideal place to be yourself.
      Keep posting!

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