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About Us

Gambling Therapy offer many different online services for problem gamblers and their friends and families. Online groups, forums, e-mail support, resource database

Problem Gambling Multilinugual Live Support

Our team of expert advisers are available to talk to you in “real time” on our Live Advice Helpline.  This helpline is for people who are worried about thier own gambling or someone else’s.  We can answer questions, provide information or give you some much needed emotional support during difficult times.  If this is your first visit to our site the helpline might be a good place to start!  You can also use the helpline if you need support with the Gambling Therapy site.  We are here to help!  

Online Gambling Therapy Support Groups

We run regular groups on a range of subjects for both problem gamblers and their friends and families. You don’t need to be the fastest or best typist in the world; just log into a group to feel welcomed and accepted by your peers and representatives of Gambling Therapy.  We have recovery and support groups that are facilitated by trained and experienced support workers, and groups that are peer-run and friendly.  

Gambling Therapy Support Forums

Our active gambling support forums are available 24/7 and as people use our site from all over the world there’s usually someone around to respond to your posts.  Use them to journal about your own recovery from gambling problems, or about your loved ones.  You can pose questions, support others or simply to keep others updated on your progress but please use them responsibly.

E-mail support for those affected by problem gambling

If you prefer to take your time to write down your concerns and questions about problem gambling, or if the helpline is closed, please e-mail us and we’ll get back to you with a response within two working days.

For more information on any of our online gambling support services just click on the buttons on the left hand side of this page.  To learn some fun and useful facts about online communication, click here.