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Gambling Therapy Terms and Conditions

By registering and/or using the Gambling Therapy website you acknowledge and accept all of the below terms and conditions. Please also additionally note the privacy policy of the Gambling Therapy website.

  1. Be respectful at all times with the life choices, beliefs and opinions of others even if they are not your own.
  2. Do not add images of yourself to forum posts as this could lead you to be identified.
  3. Please ensure that you do not deliberately offend or disrespect others.
  4. You are not allowed to upload images, links or content to forum posts that may be deemed inappropriate or are not in keeping with the purpose of the site.
  5. Do not post in forums, or refer to in groups, advertisements or links to any service in conflict with Gambling Therapy or problem gambling in general or promotional material for any commercial organisation.
  6. Do not directly or indirectly disclose the identity of anyone using the site which includes present or past residents of the Gordon Moody Association residential programme.
  7. Gambling Therapy strongly discourages contacting members of the community outside of our service and accepts no responsibility for any outcome should you choose to do so.
  8. Do not exchange address, emails, phone numbers, social media details with staff or service users.
  9. Do not repeat information disclosed in groups by others present on our forums as this information is confidential.
  10. Do not seek to engage in interactions with others using our site for the purpose of research or subsequent publication. All media enquiries should be sent to
  11. Duplicate and multiple accounts are not permitted; you can use the forgot password option if you don’t remember your login details.
  12. Please respect the privacy of our staff and volunteers by not attempting to add them to your professional or social networks. Do not ask them for their e-mail addresses or phone numbers as the answer will be “no” to preserve the integrity of the therapeutic relationship.
  13. Gambling Therapy reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, by publishing these changes in this section. Your continued use of the site after the changes constitutes your acceptance of new terms and conditions.
  14. Data may be used to help us to improve our services, for authorised academic and applied research, and/or statistical analysis.
  15. You need to be eighteen years or over to register and participate in forums and groups, anyone needing information who is not yet eighteen should e-mail us for information about more suitable services.
  16. Any threats to commit suicide made on our forums will be immediately removed and individuals disclosing intent to commit suicide in groups will be asked to stop. If the individual continues, they will be ejected from the group and risk exclusion from the site after being signposted to a suitable service. Gambling Therapy is not intended to provide crisis support.
  17. Gambling Therapy retains ownership of all content added to the Gambling Therapy Forum by any individual using the site and reserves the right to retain content should a member subsequently leave or be removed from use of the site.
  18. Gambling Therapy reserves the right to remove any content that may consider unhelpful or detrimental for the recovery of other members of the community.
  19. All members must have a registered email address that allows Gambling Therapy to make direct contact with the member. The email address will only be used by Gambling Therapy for communication regarding site issues as well as for notifications regarding posts should the member wish to receive these. Failure to have a registered email may result in the members account being locked

If you are found to be in breach of the terms and conditions detailed in the Gambling Therapy site, you will receive an e-mail from a member of staff to discuss the situation.  If the situation cannot be resolved satisfactorily or it happens more than once, you will be permanently excluded from the site.  Gambling Therapy does not operate an appeals process and any decision made to exclude an individual is final. 

Any questions or complaints regarding this site, please email us

As this is a FREE service totally reliant on the kind contributions made to us by others, please feel free to make a donation. 

We recommend using Gambling Therapy as part of a wider support network for maximum effect.  “Our intention is to supplement your face to face support rather than replace it.”