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Problem Gambling Support Helpline

Are you experiencing the urge to gamble right now and looking for someone to talk it through with?  Is this the first time you’ve looked for help and you need a friendly and confidential service to explore the way forward with?  Why not try our problem gambling support helpline for text based “realtime” one to one support?

Our team of expert advisers are available to talk to you on our Live Advice Helpline.  This helpline is for people who are worried about their own gambling or someone else’s.  We can answer questions, provide information or give you some much needed emotional support during difficult times.  If this is your first visit to our site the helpline might be a good place to start!  You can also use the helpline if you need support with the Gambling Therapy site.  We are here to help! 

The problem gambling support helpline is often first contact for a new people accessing our site because it’s a one to one easy way to access help.  Anyone using the site can connect to an advisor using any name; it doesn’t have to be your real name.  All you need to do then is start typing and a Gambling Therapy advisor will respond with useful support, advice and understanding.  The advisor will be able to signpost you towards various options for specialised help and support that are available in your country. The person you speak to will also be able to provide practical advice about the steps you can take to help you or your loved one to succeed in your recovery from gambling problems. It’s all strictly confidential however; some sessions may be moderated for training purposes.

The helpline is available to anyone with a gambling problem residing outside Great Britain or those affected by gambling through someone close to them.  We also support individuals with a connection to the residential projects via the helpline.