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What can you do?

Changing your behaviour:

Changing your gambling behaviour is difficult, especially as gambling may have become a big part of your life. Trying to break the habit takes will-power and determination but there are steps you can take now that will make it easier to stop yourself from gambling and deal with any debt or financial problems that you may be experiencing. Through this process, you are can make changes in your lifestyle. This can be achieved through a mix of practical activities or hobbies to occupy your time and positive motivators. These activities might include playing sport, going to the gym, DIY or joining social groups.

Positive motivators look to the future and involve setting targets and rewarding yourself when you have achieved. For example, establishing a target of not gambling for a month or saving a certain amount of money. Rewards for achieving could be going out for a meal with your partner or friends or maybe taking the family for day out.

It can be helpful to plan an activity for the next few days. This way you always have something to focus on. Everybody’s plan will be different; the important thing is that you find what works for you. Don’t overload yourself or try planning too far ahead – one day at a time is fine. The following week you can repeat your plan or add things to it or think of better strategies to support yourself.

Blocking software:

Blocking software is a variety of computer programmes that limits access to websites or other services available over the internet. There are two kinds of blocking software available:

  1. General blocking software,which is designed to block any sites you want and set access permissions or parental controls; 
  2. Gambling-specific blocking software, which is designed to block gambling websites. 

If you are gambling online you may have opened a few accounts. You might have closed one account, and then opened another. If you have now decided you want to avoid this in future, adding blocking software can help. If nothing else, it will give you thinking time when you have an urge to gamble.

It always good to do your own research, to find out which is the best product for you.