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How do I describe my misery in the past?

In the presence of chronic stress, I do not care what happens in the future, I need my reward now.

I become very impulsive and compulsive.

A behaviour is compulsive when you have the urge to do it repeatedly — until a feeling of anxiety or unease goes away.

A behaviour is impulsive when you do it without forethought and without considering the consequences.

I have self-destructed many times despite knowing the consequences when I go ahead to act out in food, sex, alcohol, drug, gambling, surfing internet, gaming, pornography. I have lost almost everything from precious time, money, health and relationships with people.

This is how a person ended up in mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual bankruptcy…prison, hospital and institutions.

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  • 이 답변은 kin에 의해 1 월, 1 주 전에 수정됐습니다.