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Its more brain chemistry for me because I get a rush from hitting the bonus symbols. Do it enough and your brain becomes trained to anticipate the rush and you crave the release. I am a compulsive online gambler and its fine to say you chase your losses but then why wouldn’t you quit when you are up? We feel good when we win and it could be ego but then why do you continue to do something obsessively when in the end you know that you are going to lose? I think we say things to ourselves to justify gambling but I think its only to make ourselves feel better. Can you say that you are an addict?
Treat yourself like an addict – anyone addicted to anything must stop using it to feel better. It’s only when you face that you are an addict with no control that you will be able to start dealing with it. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself and why you do it. JUST STOP.