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Well I’m not sure if someone shit in their cereal, but Coors were here before me this morning! That’s never happened before. This was probably the first time I’ve been out on time since they started delivering to us. So I can’t even bitch about that today.
Still not got my bike back from the shop though. Could probably whine about that for a bit… Aight, maybe not.
I did however sell a rare Stevie Gerrard item this morning. It was a doodle he’d drawn for National Doodle Day. As I bit of an artist myself it was one of my favourite pieces. But 200 quids a lot to turn down, especially since I keep it in a folder under my bed where I can never see it. So that’s a few more quid towards the savings. I’m quickly creeping up on the five grand mark. That will be half way towards my goal of not feeling like a complete failure! Ten grand was the amount left to me by my grandparents and was the amount I promised myself I’d never go into… But I did, and now I have to get it back! I can’t let anything stop me on my saving quest!