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It is interesting how others always have an opinion on what we should do with our life. I would say do what you are comfortable doing Carole. If you want to spend time with Danny then do it, if that is what you both want. I am wondering why you are not putting up Christmas decorations this year. Although I am not putting them up either as we are going to be away for Christmas. I think when we have our kids in the house growing up it is part of the excitement of Christmas. If my Grandkids lived close to me then I would be excited about doing it. It will be fun to go to Disney with Danny’s Grandkids as you can’t help but get excited when you see the kid’s smiles and joy. I know that I am excited about going to see our grandkids at Christmas as they just get so excited, and it is contagious and you feel so good. I love kids and their innocence and excitement.
We are still working away in our basement and I really lack motivation for the project, however, I do want it done. I just get so impatient as I want it done fast, but when you are doing things yourself you have to be patient. It will be worth it once it is done. I am hoping that it is complete in the spring. It will give us a project in the winter when we are stuck inside with the freezing weather. Although when you work full time, I find that I don’t feel like doing much in the evening.
Take care and keep away from those machines (((Carole))) I know that sometimes I do wish that I could play them, but I also know that it would be the same old story if I put a dollar in them. I know that I have to keep working on myself and my emotions, but I know I also have to be patient with myself. Have a wonderful day!!!!